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The Story

In a dystopian far future, the Yellow Skulls gang has taken over the Steiger Consolidated Arms facility with their overwhelming numbers. Their plan: to use its weapon manufacturing  to conquer Black Ridge Dome or destroy it trying.

When word reaches SCA headquarters they decide they can't allow a good crisis go to waste. They unleash the Reaver, their latest prototype power suit to put a stop to the Yellow Skulls.

But  things are not so simple.


Take on the role of Reaver, an experimental and highly powerful cyber suit tasked with a simple mission. Search and destroy.

Fight through hordes of enemies with melee and ranged combat assisted by a high speed jetpack.

Recover health through powerful executions.

Manage limited ammo and weapon durability while taking down the Yellow Skulls overwhelming numbers.

Build up fury through combat and unleash it to quickly dispatch the Yellow Skulls


Waldo Rodriguez - Creative Director

Alex Kutz - Producer/Tech Lead

Patrick O'Rourke - Tech Artist/Programmer

Michael Fiorello - Art Lead

Adam Parkinson - Narrative Design

Jacob Sullivan - Narrative Design

Ryun Wheat - Level Design/Composer

Daniel Maher - Sound Design

Denys Antipenko - Lead Animator

Jesse Ash - 3D Artist

Tesa Parlor - 3D Artist

Michael Bukovey - 3D Artist

Kimberly Vo - 2D Artist


Reaver.zip 537 MB


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legit this is what i have been looking for