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The Story

The great war has dragged on for far too long. Resources are strained on both sides, leaving them at a stalemate. The only way to push the war forward is for a brave few souls to drop behind enemy lines and capture enemy supply depots.

Control the oil, control the war.


Death by Oil is a third person tactical shooter. Players fight through three missions managing limited resources. Fuel is the most important of these. Without fuel, the walker cannot function regardless of how much ammo and armor it has.


Death_By_Oil.zip 609 MB


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This looks awesome, but I can't get it running properly. Seems to be an issue with the shaders, everything appears as a red fog, making it impossible to navigate, the menu highlights are black on a black background, making them invisible, and there seems to be no sound at all. I'd love to take a look at this once its running properly!